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Kurt Rosenwinkel’s first solo guitar album Berlin Baritone is out

Legendary guitarist and composer Kurt Rosenwinkel returns with Berlin Baritone, a series of eight completely improvised pieces on the baritone guitar, an instrument Rosenwinkel has never recorded an album with

Support Kurt Rosenwinkel Ultimate Book of Compositions

Kurt Rosenwinkel is lauded as one of the most influential composers and guitarists of his generation. His compositional voice and utterly modern sense of harmony has changed the landscape of

New Release by LIUN + The Science Fiction Band

Award-winning vocalist Lucia Cadotsch and acclaimed saxophonist/composer Wanja Slavin join forces with some of the leading voices in Berlin’s contemporary jazz scene to form a ten-piece orchestra as an extension

Britta Virves presents Juniper

Britta Virves is one of the most sought-after young pianists in Swedish jazz. Virves presents her debut album Juniper, a deeply autobiographical work, joined by Jonas Bäckman on drums and

Introducing Cecil Alexander

Heartcore Records’ newest release available on September 23rd 2022 Heartcore Records is proud to present Introducing Cecil Alexander, Alexander’s debut album as a bandleader, featuring Will Gorman on organ and

Heartcore for Czechia – Naše Sny

Heartcore Records continues charity campaign, helps fund music education for children in a Czech orphanage with new single featuring high-profile musical guest performers. Independent music label Heartcore Records has announced

A Ritual of Transformation: Kurt Rosenwinkel Turns His Hand to the Piano

by TED PANKEN Since his mid-30s, Kurt Rosenwinkel, now 51, has held quasi-guitar god stature among connoisseurs of the instrument, jazz-oriented or otherwise. That’s one reason why Plays Piano, Rosenwinkel’s recent solo

Cecil Alexander on Heartcore Records

We are thrilled to announce the newest artist on our ever-expanding Heartcore roster – Cecil Alexander.  Cecil is a jazz guitarist and composer born in Muskegon, MI. Inspired by his parents’ extensive


Lucia Cadotsch

Lucia Cadotsch, born in Zurich, Switzerland, is a singer and songwriter based in Berlin. She is one of the most recognized vocalists in the European contemporary jazz scene and is...

Britta Virves

Britta Virves is a pianist and composer born in Saaremaa, Estonia who is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her piano compositions are narratively clear and harmonically modern meditations on the...

Lucia Cadotsch & Wanja Slavin

Lucia Cadotsch, born in Zurich, Switzerland, is a singer and songwriter based in Berlin. She is one of the most recognized vocalists in the European contemporary jazz scene and is...

Cecil Alexander

Cecil Alexander is a jazz guitarist and composer born in Muskegon, MI.  Inspired by his parents’ extensive music collection, Cecil absorbed the sounds of Grover Washington, George Benson, Stevie Wonder, and...

Kurt Rosenwinkel

American composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and producer Kurt Rosenwinkel is one of the most celebrated musical voices in jazz and is widely renowned as one of the most distinctive and gifted...

Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio

Guitarist, composer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, and Heartcore Records founder Kurt Rosenwinkel has long been known as a singular creative voice at the forefront of modern music. His imaginative integration of electronics,...

Pedro Martins

Pedro Martins hit the headlines seven years ago when he won the prestigious Montreux Guitar Competition as a young Brazilian prodigy. After studying the guitar as a child, this eclectic...

Daniel Santiago

Daniel Santiago is a composer, guitarist and music producer who for the past 20 years has been an active and key contributor to the Brazilian and world music scenes. Originally...

The Chopin Project

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Guitar Jean-Paul Brodbeck – Piano Lukas Traxel – Acoustic Bass Jorge Rossy – Drums Legendary jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel and acclaimed Swiss pianist Jean-Paul Brodbeck join forces...

Nicola Andrioli

Nicola Andrioli is a pianist, synthesist, composer, arranger, and educator born in Southern Italy and currently based out of Belgium. He has built an extensive discography over the last 15...

JLT – Johan Leijonhufvud Trio

I heard a story when I was a young child. It was a spellbinding story, told in magic, beautiful language I never heard before. It came from my parents’ vinyl player. It...

Bandit 65

Since its inception in 2016, Bandit 65 has toured the USA, Europe and Japan; the trio’s latest record is an amalgam of musical highlights culled from these three years of...


Eric Robert Lewis, popularly known as ELEW, is an American Concert Pianist who has found crossover success playing rock and pop music. He is known for his unconventional and physical...

Sun Dew

“Sun Dew, a sextet that shakes the jazz world…” Marc Zisman, QOBUZ (FR) Co-leaders Héloïse Lefebvre and Paul Audoynaud discovered a fertile breeding ground in the german capital for Sun...

Montë Mar

Montë Mar is a modern alternative/pop band based in Los Angeles, California that formed in early 2011. The group came together out of a collective desire to play original music...


Kurt Rosenwinkel Ultimate Book of Compositions

The Story of Song “Naše Sny”

The Chopin Project – Nouvelle Étude in A-flat major (No. 2)

Kurt Rosenwinkel – I Don’t Know

The Chopin Project – Valse in C-sharp minor (Op. 64, No. 2)

Nicola Andrioli – Tom’s Garden (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)

Nicola Andrioli – Bright Spark (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)

JLT (Johan Leijonhufvud Trio) – Harlem Nocturne

Nicola Andrioli – Foxes in the Night

JLT (Johan Leijonhufvud Trio) – The Marten

“Heartcore” Remixed & Remastered Double LP Reissue Campaign

Heartcore for Home – The Story of Song “Nohebo Al Salam”

Daniel Santiago – Song for Tomorrow (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)

Daniel Santiago – From the Mountains

Daniel Santiago – Open World (feat. Eric Clapton)

Kurt Rosenwinkel – All Is Well

Kurt Rosenwinkel and The Heartcore Orchestra – The Story of “Under it All”

Kurt Rosenwinkel and The Heartcore Orchestra – Under It All

Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio – Ugly Beauty

Heartcore for Ukraine – The Story of Song “Spivanka”

Pedro Martins – Esqueça (Official Video)

ELEW plays Rosenwinkel – CUBISM (Trailer)


Heartcore for India – The Story of Song “Gamaya”

Pedro Martins – Faces (feat. Chris Potter)

Sun Dew – Noodle Fish (Official Video)

Thank you for bringing Heartcore to Africa

SUN DEW – This Secret Cay (Official Video)

Heartcore Records presents Montë Mar – Expectations

Heartcore for Africa – The Story of Song “Ni Chikondi”

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Hold On (Official Video)

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Kama (Official Video)

Kurt Rosenwinkel presents his CAIPI Band – Official Trailer

Kurt Rosenwinkel – Casio Vanguard (Official Video)


Heartcore Records is an independent record label created by guitarist/composer/producer Kurt Rosenwinkel dedicated to the release of high-quality music, regardless of genre or style. The company was founded in Berlin, Germany 2016 with the help of Eric Clapton and other generous supporters. Since then, it has successfully released sixteen albums and created various beneficial and educational projects.

The purpose of this platform is not only to release the highest quality music and help promising artists achieve their vision but also to contribute to society with various philanthropic programs.

Rosenwinkel’s vision is to create a new brand that celebrates the true connection of the human spirit beyond genre or category. It is a recognition of the fact that all traditions meet at the root and that we are all in this together. Thus the name „Heartcore” perfectly exemplifies this attitude: music with heart, from the core, and hardcore- meaning created with complete dedication. Join us in this exciting adventure!


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