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Daniel Santiago

Daniel Santiago Bundle

Daniel Santiago Bundle

This bundle offer includes all WAV/Physical releases by Daniel Santiago:
-  the single "Feelings" (WAV)
- the upcoming single "It's Time to Follow" (WAV)
- the album Song for Tomorrow (LP/WAV)
- the album Movement (CD/WAV)

Song for Tomorrow (Format)
Movement (Format)
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*Song for Tomorrow*
Imbued with Brazilian spirit, the attitude and power of classic rock, and the ingenuitive disposition of modern improvised music, Song for Tomorrow is a bold artistic statement from a musician widely respected and known for his virtuosity and creative identity.
Produced by jazz legend Kurt Rosenwinkel, Santiago’s new album is one of the most ambitious and innovative releases of 2021; Song for Tomorrow – thirteen original compositions feature guest performances from Eric Clapton, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Pedro Martins, Aaron Parks, and others. A record well suited to the ears of indie-rockers, world music listeners, and just about anyone else, Song for Tomorrow is the latest addition to Heartcore Record’s catalogue of genre-defying contemporary artistic work.

Daniel Santiago & Pedro Martins are a tremendously powerful and expressive guitar duo. These guys live and breathe guitar, rhythm, melody, harmony, feeling, and sound. It’s been my honour to work with them on several different projects both together and individually. This duo is one of the great duos of the ages, and I am grateful to have been involved so closely, having recorded and produced this album in Berlin at Heartcore Studios.

Feelings is a song written by the Brazilian guitarist/composer Daniel Santiago and the American singer and songwriter Genevieve Artadi. The song is about our deep feelings in a modern world and features some of the most representative musicians from Brazil and the USA – Genevieve Artadi, Mark Turner, Pedro Martins, Alberto Continentino, and Sergio Machado.

*It's Time to Follow feat. Marina Marchi*
A song written by the Brazilian guitarist/composer Daniel Santiago and Brazilian vocalist/songwriter Marina Marchi.


*Song for Tomorrow*
1. Open World (feat. Eric Clapton) 3:42
2. Song for Tomorrow (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel) 3:28
3. O Que Valerá (feat. Joshua Redman) 4:01
4. Clara Manhã (feat. Aaron Parks) 3:28
5. How It Should Be 3:39
6. Mundo (feat. Pedro Martins) 3:08

7. Não Vai Apagar (Fly Lua, Fly) 2:33
8. Progressive 4:12
9. Roots 0:55
10. From the Mountains 2:14
11. Heroes 4:04
12. Não Vou 3:53
13. Salamander 3:03 (Bonus Track – available on LP, Japanese edition, and Heartcore Records website)

1. Curupira Modernista 3:27
2. Corpo 4:51
3. Maracatu 2:20
4. Salamandra 3:13
5. O que não se pode impedir 4:01
6. Valentina 3:17
7. Liberdade 2:11
8. Missing Link 4:12
9. Movement 2:37
10. Se eu sentisse saudade 3:01
11. Na Chuva 3:17

1. Feelings (feat. Genevieve Artadi)

*It's Time to Follow*
1. It's Time to Follow (feat. Marina Marchi)


*Song for Tomorrow*
All songs composed and written by Daniel Santiago except:
“Open World” lyrics by Alasdair Bouch, Michaela Bóková and Fernando Anitelli
“Song for Tomorrow” lyrics by Daniel Santiago and Fernando Anitelli
“Heroes” music by Daniel Santiago and Pedro Martins, lyrics by Daniel Santiago and Frederico Heliodoro

Produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel
Mixed by Charis Karantzas
Mastered by Glenn Schick Mastering
Production coordinator: Michaela Bóková
Design by Estereográfica: André Maya & Rafael Dietzsch
Cover Photo by André Maya
Kurt Rosenwinkel plays Westville Guitars, D’Angelico Guitars and Fractal Audio Amps

Recorded by Kurt Rosenwinkel (2, 5,6,7,8,9,10,12) at Heartcore Studios in Berlin
Recorded by Daniel Santiago (2,3,4,11) at his home studio in Brasilia
Eric Clapton’s guitar solo on “Open World” recorded by Simon Clime in the French Riviera, 2020
Vocals on “Open World” recorded by Thiago Big Rabello at Da Pá Virada Studio in São Paulo, 2020
Piano on “Clara Manhã” recorded by Aaron Parks at his home studio in New York, 2020
Saxophone on “O Que Valerá” recorded by Joshua Redman at his home studio in Oakland, 2020
Drums recorded by Sergio Machado (1,2,3,4) at his home studio in São Paulo
Keys and guitar recorded by Pedro Martins (2,3) at his home studio in Brasilia
Bass guitar recorded by Frederico Heliodoro (3,4,11) at his home studio in São Paulo

Recorded, mixed and mastered in 2020
Released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2021

songs 1,2,4,5,6,8,9,11 by Daniel Santiago
songs 3,7 and 10 by Pedro Martins
all arrangements by Daniel Santiago and Pedro Martins

Produced by Kurt Rosenwinkel, Daniel Santiago, and Pedro Martins
Recorded at Heartcore Studios in Berlin by Kurt Rosenwinkel, 2022
Mixed by Charis Karantzas in Berlin, 2023
Mastered by Martin Ruch in Berlin, 2023
Released on Heartcore Records, 2023

Design by Estereográfica: André Maya & Rafael Dietzsch
Production coordinator Michaela Bóková

Daniel Santiago – acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, synths, programming
Genevieve Artadi –vocals
Mark Turner – saxophone
Pedro Martins – synth
Alberto Continentino – bass
Sergio Machado “Plim” – drums

produced and mixed by Daniel Santiago
mastered by Dudinha

cover artwork by André Maya
video by Daniel Santiago and Valentina Santiago

*It's Time to Follow*
Marina Marchi - voice
Daniel Santiago - lead guitar, synths, programing and vocals
Frederico Heliodoro - bass, synths, rhythm guitar
Dedê Silva- drums

Produced by Daniel Santiago and Dudinha
Mixed and edit by Dudinha and Daniel Santiago
Mastered by Charis Karantzas
Artwork by Estéreografica, Rafael Dietzsch and André Maya

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