Heartcore for Nepal - “Sambandha”

Heartcore for Nepal - “Sambandha”

A new Heartcore for the World single, “Sambandha” connects global cultures and provides opportunities for disadvantaged children in central Nepal.

BERLIN, June 21st, 2024
Kurt Rosenwinkel’s independent music label Heartcore Records has announced Heartcore for Nepal, the seventh annual edition in the Heartcore for the World outreach initiative created by label manager, producer and vocalist Michaela Bóková. The uplifting composition “Sambandha” features children from Babiyachaur, Myiagdi, Nepal, singing alongside guest artists John McLaughlin, Christian McBride, Terri Lyne Carrington, Gerald Clayton, Kit Downes, Anmol Mohara and Dinesh Pun. Heartcore Records will donate all proceeds from Heartcore for Nepal directly to fund music education and the purchase of musical equipment for the students of Mangala Secondary School in Babiyachaur, Nepal.

In August of 2023, Michaela journeyed to the scenic foothills of central Nepal to lead an intensive musical workshop. She brought a melody that she learned in Kathmandu, and an intention to open young minds to new creative experiences. Over the next month, Michaela taught music, conducted, and performed with a chorus of 20 children from the Mangala Secondary School, Babiyachaur, where she also lived and immersed herself in local culture. Working towards a final product, Michaela and the students intertwined the melody from Kathmandu with a tune from the Nepalese city of Beni. They composed parts, lyrics, and finally, recorded their transcendent piece.

“Sambandha” roughly translates to “friendships”, and is a song which speaks of the deep connection between all human beings, mother nature, and the universe as a whole. The Nepalese cultural notion “even the blue cloud is our friend”, and reverence for “the great mountains” are captured at their essence. Providing “Sambandha” its initial breath of life, local flutist Dinesh Pun recorded the melody with  his virtuosic flute performance and the children sang their original vocal parts to that. Once the initial phase of the project was complete, Heartcore Records enlisted a who’s who of guest artists to build the rest of the song. Bassist Christian McBride, drummer Terri Lyne Carrington, pianist Gerald Clayton, and pianist/organ player Kit Downes anchor the rhythm section while legendary guitarist John McLaughlin and percussionist Anmol Mohara lend their distinctive East Asian musical influence. The final mixing and production elements of “Sambandha” were handled by Charis Karantzas in Berlin, Germany. Indian folklorist Subhāyue and Babiyachaur local Shreeram Paudyal assisted Michaela Bóková with lyrics and song structure.

“Sambandha” will be available for digital download from heartcore-records.com on June 21st, 2024. The seventh Heartcore for the World installment, Heartcore for Nepal will donate all proceeds to music education and the purchase of musical instruments for the children of Mangala Secondary School, Babiyachaur, Myiagdi Province, Nepal.

Michaela Bóková and Heartcore Records are seeking global partnerships as they create Heartcore for the World, a ten-song compilation album featuring music from each annual Heartcore Records beneficial project. By providing underprivileged children much-needed access to musical instruments and training, Heartcore for the World is brightening the lives of many. Heartcore Records and its representatives know that music has an unlimited potential to connect, heal, and uplift people across the globe, and are committed to fulfilling this ideal through their continued efforts.

Buy the song HERE and support the children from Mangala Secondary School.

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