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Tim Lefebvre's Whose Hat Is This?



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Back at it after seven years, Whose Hat Is This? returns in triumphant form, somehow even bolder and rawer than before. Unorthodox and unexpected with every track, Ponyboy harnesses the electric improvisational mastery that this seasoned outfit pulls off so effortlessly. Led by one of the greatest bass players to ever do it, Tim Lefebvre’s monstrous grooves abandon all cliché and serve as the engine of these six eclectic songs.


1. Over Under (feat. Kokayi)
2. Pur Sun (feat. Kokayi)
3. Friday Night in Berlin (feat. Kokayi)
4. Diamonds (feat. Max Milner)
5. Unnnnhhhh (feat. Kokayi)
6. Don’t Go Jumping


Tim Lefebvre: Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass, Keys, Guitar
Tyler “Falcon” Greenwell: Drums, Percussion
JJ Johnson: Drums, Percussion
Kebbi Williams: Saxophone, Flute
Nataly Chernitsky: Piano on “Unnnnhhhh”
KOKAYI: Rap, Vocals
Max Milner: Vocals

Music by Whose Hat Is This? except for “Diamonds”
All Lyrics by KOKAYI except for “Diamonds” by Max Milner
For Diamonds, music by Whose Hat Is This? and lyrics by Max Milner
All songs performed by Whose Hat Is This?
Recorded 2023 at Sonic Ranch Studios Tornillo, TX
Lead Recording Engineer: Felipe Castaneda
Assistant Engineers: Joshua San Martin, Nataly Chernitsky
Additional Recording by KOKAYI at Mon Maison Studios
Mixed by Jason Kingsland
Mastered by Nate Wood

Artwork by Tyler Greenwell
Graphic design by Vojta Drnek
Production coordinator: Michaela Bóková
released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2024

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