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Kurt Rosenwinkel

Masterclass VI: Guitar Technique and Improvisation Part 2

Masterclass VI: Guitar Technique and Improvisation Part 2

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A 3-hour live-streamed masterclass with Kurt Rosenwinkel focused on guitar technique and improvisation.

In this class Kurt goes very deep into many fascinating topics related to guitar technique and improvisation. Kurt hand-wrote a 25-page large format book for the class and created 19 play-alongs and other supporting materials. The class experience is like an adventure going seamlessly from one revelation to the next, with characteristically high production values and humor that we have come to expect from the masterclass series. From the macro to the micro level, Kurt's way of teaching is always clear, generous, and meant to be useful and helpful to musicians of all levels.

The format is a 3-hour video presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4) and other related materials such as play-alongs (WAV/MP3), a handwritten booklet containing guitar arrangements, voicings and exercises (PDF).

After the purchase you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the video and all related materials.

For any questions please CONTACT US.

Detailed table of contents:

Conceptual Engagement
>>Concept 1<<
1. Mumbling or mouthing the phrases
>>Concept 2<<
2. Thinking in terms of Shapes
>>Concept 3<<
3. Double Stops
4. Symmetrical Diminished
5. Voicings using open strings
6. DNA Patterns
>>Concept 4<<
7. Pentatonic Meditation
8. “Interstellar Space”
>>Concept 5<<
9. “Someday My Prince Will Come”
10. Caterpillar Technique
11. Symmetrical voicings
12. 2-5-1
13. The Inchworm Technique
14. “The Knower Abstracts”
>>Concept 6<<
15. Tarantula Technique
16. “I’ll Remember April”
17. Harmonic Minor Triads
18. “Turn Out The Stars”
19. Creating Lines: Gravity, Emphasis, Syncopation, Chromaticism
20. 2-5-1 Harmonic Substitutions
>>Concept 7<<
21. Inside/Outside Playing
22. Reflections on being an artist

Play Along Jams:
1. 1-6-2-5
2. 12/8 groove
3. Bossa
4. C Minor modal vibe
5. Charleston Chew
6. Flute
7. I’ll Remember April
8. Interstellar Space
9. Medium Swing
10. Soca
11. Someday My Prince Will Come
12. Swing bpm 140
13. Swing bpm 206
14. The Knower Abstracts
15. The Song Is You
16. Turn Out The Stars
17. You Stepped Out of a Dream

Artistic Reflections:
1. Faith in the Unknown
2. Music Advice ’95
3. On Art
4. Robert Henry Quotes
5. So Tired of Forms
6. The Aesthetics of My Art 2000

Masterclass 3 selected materials:
1. Warmup Notes
2. Grooves:
Basic swing
Groove 2
Medium drum groove
Swing 171
Swing 189
Swing 223


Production, Concept and Performance: Kurt Rosenwinkel
Production and Camera: Skylee Jeffrey Rosenwinkel
Video Editing: Michaela Bóková

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