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Kurt Rosenwinkel

Masterclass II: Strategies for Composition

Masterclass II: Strategies for Composition

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A two-and-a-half-hour presentation by Kurt of his compositional philosophies, techniques, and specific lessons drawn from a wide sampling of his compositions, including a 40-page handwritten booklet written by the composer and charts of many of his songs having been discussed in detail.

Video masterclass focused on Kurt’s compositional methods, deep diving into a wide sampling of his compositions, exploring the unique elements, subjects, and lessons of each song – the interactive presentation explores the different ways they were composed while giving tips on how to cultivate your own inspiration, creativity, and open your mind to explore other compositional methods on your own.

Kurt speaks about how songs got their names, where they were composed, and the meaning behind them.

After the purchase, you will receive a PDF file with hyperlinks to download the video in MP4 format and charts for the compositions that are discussed in the masterclass, a scanned book of Kurt’s original handwritten texts, and a list of recommended listenings (all in a ZIP folder with PDF files).

More feedback from the participants of the masterclass:

“It was a BLAST!”

“Still soaking it in as I will be for many years. I am sure! Thank you for sharing this and for beauty you bring to the world!”

“Deep stuff. Many thanks Kurt & Sky.”

“Philosophies are just as inspiring as your music. There is so much to reflect on and research further. I was left in awe.”

“Fantastic transmission of knowledge and passion. Thank you!”

“Thank you Kurt! Incredible experience!”

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Production, Concept and Performance: Kurt Rosenwinkel
Production, Visuals and Camera: Skylee Jeffrey Rosenwinkel
Video Editing and Technical Support: Michaela Bóková

Heartcore Records, Berlin 2022

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