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Kurt Rosenwinkel

Masterclass I: Remasterclassed

Masterclass I: Remasterclassed

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Kurt Rosenwinkel’s first online masterclass was streamed live during the pandemic, and was not recorded or available for purchase until now! We’ve refilmed the content from Kurt’s first masterclass, and are happy to present Masterclass Vol. 1: Remasterclassed!

In this first masterclass, Kurt will tell you stories about how he began playing guitar, and share anecdotes from his life on the road. He’ll play through some of his own compositions, as well as Mark Turner’s composition “Casa Oscura” and share his compositional and improvisational thought processes while playing through sections of the pieces. Kurt also shares snippets of his warm-up routine and dives deep into his own investigations of the major and melodic minor scales. He covers major scale positions/modes, mixing scales and switching keys, throwing hand movements, and using intervals to voice chords through various scales. He also takes you through his signal chain and shows you exactly how to replicate his famous sustaining horn-like lead guitar tone, which is one of the most idiosyncratic guitar tones in modern music.

Your download will come with access to unreleased songs, demo versions of some of Kurt’s most well-known compositions, as well as charts, notated exercises, and pad samples you can use for your own production.

As Kurt says in the masterclass, “when you investigate basic things, music appears”. Masterclass Vol. 1: Remasterclassed is a casual video hangout with one of the most influential minds in modern jazz.

Masterclass Vol. 1: Remasterclassed is the first class in a series of five masterclasses published on Heartcore Records. All masterclasses are available for download on our website.

The format is a 2,5 hour video presentation by Kurt Rosenwinkel (MP4) and other related materials such as unreleased tracks (WAV/MP3), charts (PDF), and handwritten exercises (PDF).

After the purchase, you will receive a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the video and all related materials.


Production, Concept and Performance: Kurt Rosenwinkel
Production and Camera: Skylee Jeffrey Rosenwinkel
Video Editing: Michaela Bóková

Heartcore Records, Berlin 2022

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