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LIUN + The Science Fiction Band

LIUN + The Science Fiction Band: Lily of the Nile

LIUN + The Science Fiction Band: Lily of the Nile

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LIUN + The Science Fiction Band is a collaborative project between Lucia Cadotsch and Wanja Slavin. Their obsessive exploration of the interplay between musical genres seamlessly merges analog and the digital compositional methods.


1. Medusa’s Champagne (feat. Wanja Slavin) 5:46
2. Let’s Make Love (feat. Manuel Schmiedel + Wanja Slavin) 7:56
3. F***in’ Comp (feat. Wanja Slavin) 5:17
4. Bright Eye (feat. Wanja Slavin + Johannes Lauer) 6:45
5. Kiddo (feat. Shannon Barnett + Wanja Slavin) 7:57
6. Stick Freeze and Die (feat. Magnus Schriefl, Manuel Schmiedel + Wanja Slavin) 9:16
7. Time Rewind (feat. Wanja Slavin) 5:44


Lucia Cadotsch – voice
Wanja Slavin – saxophones, clarinets, flutes, recorders, piano, synths
Kati Brien – alto saxophone, clarinet, flute
Julius Gawlik – tenor saxophone, clarinet
Sascha Friedl – flute
Magnus Schriefl – trumpet
Shannon Barnett – trombone
Johannes Lauer – trombone
Manuel Schmiedel – piano
Felix Henkelhausen – double bass
Fabian Rösch – drums, percussion

music by Wanja Slavin + Lucia Cadotsch
lyrics Lucia Cadotsch
arrangements by Wanja Slavin
produced by Wanja Slavin
recorded in March 2021 at Blackbird Music Studio Berlin by Nanni Johansson, assisted by Karen Dhios + Thomas Schöttl
additional recordings 2022 at Forest Studios Steinbeck by Wanja Slavin
additional Piano by Charis Karantzas
mixed by Charis Karantzas
mastered by Katherine Miller at Annandale Recording, North Plainfield, NJ, USA
photo by Ferdinand Schwarz (red) + Dovile Sermokas (green) (red) + Dovile Sermokas (green)
graphic design by Vojta Drnek + Michaela Bóková
production coordinator Michaela Bóková

Mit Unterstützung von Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung + Berliner Senat, Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.

Released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2022

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