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Heartcore for Home - Nohebo Al Salam

Heartcore for Home - Nohebo Al Salam

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Song “Nohebo al Salam” is the result of a one-time collaboration between Michaela Bóková, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Kimbra, Michael League, Eric Harland, Rachel Z, Mark Turner, Husam Alali, the children of MitMachMusik orchestra and the children from the German Red Cross refugee camp in Berlin, Germany.
All proceeds from digital sales of this song will fund the purchase of musical equipment and educational materials for the kids living in the camp.


1. Nohebo al Salam


Michaela Bóková - Producer, Lecturing, Choir Leading, Arrangement, Composition, Backing Vocals
Husam Alali - Oud, Percussions, Vocals
Charis Karantzas - Production, Mixing, Arrangement, Additional Recordings, Keyboards
Mark Turner - Tenor Saxophone
Kimbra Johnson - Vocals
Rachel Z - Synths, Drum Programming
Eric Harland - Drums
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Electric Guitar
Michael League - Electric Bass
Sebastian Ohmert - Recording Engineer (Choirs), Blackbird Studio Berlin
Scott Kinsey - Recording Engineer (Mark Turner), LA

MitMach Musik Choir
Solo: Duaa Ajjawi
Solo: Taj Daghestani
Johanna Zenichowski
Mashiulla Molazada
Zahra Rahimi

Refugee Camp Choir
Sheymaa Mahal Al Hossin
Ayat Mahal Al Hossin
Ritaj Alhamoud
Zaid Alhamoud
Sevily Tasaev
Sofia Bitbunova
Aliona Goga
Emanuela Goga
Achmed Maghdid
Elara Nadem Nafi
Malak Nadem Nafi
Adham Nadem Nafi

Paul McGimpsey, Jeffry Baxter, the whole team and parents of the children at Gemeinschaftsunterkunft Fritz-Wildung-Straße for letting me work in the refugee camp and that they were so helpful in every phase of the project.

Blackbird Music Studio – Andreas Hommelsheim and Robin Regner for letting us record in their beautiful room and use their equipment and Sebastian Ohmert for recording us.

MitMachMusik and Marie Kogge for introducing me her amazing orchestra and Bürgerhaus am Schlaatz and Tim Spotowitz for giving us a space to rehearse.
Isabela Valdés Marin for her assistance and big support.

Leo Walters, Camilo Paredes, Ivan Simonovis working behind the cameras and Vojta Drnek, Takuro Sakamoto for helping us with the video editing.

Thank You to Tomas Antonic, Scott Kinsey, Sean Priske, Alaa Zoutien, Lena Thiemann, Benjamin Weinman, Tim Jopien and Fabia Mantwill for offering their help to make this project happen. - Michaela

Cover artwork made by the children from the refugee camp.
©2021, Heartcore Records

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