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Heartcore for Brazil - Nossa Voz

Heartcore for Brazil - Nossa Voz

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The song "Nossa Voz" was recorded in Carangola, Minas Gerais in the Summer 2022. All proceeds from digital sales of this song will fund the purchase of musical equipment and educational materials for the kids living in Instituto São José and the music association Ressoar in Carangola, Minas Gerais, Brazil, which gives opportunities to children of Carangola to learn music. The song features Daniel Santiago, Jennifer Souza, Shai Maestro, Tal Wilkenfeld, Steve Gadd, Kainã Do Jêje and Ícaro Sá.


1. Nossa Voz


Michaela Bóková - author of the project, production, lecturing, choir leading

Daniel Santiago - composition, production, vocals, electric guitar, additional bass guitar, synths

Jennifer Souza - vocals

Shai Maestro - keyboards, Wurlitzer

Tal Wilkenfeld - electric bass

Steve Gadd - drums

Kainã Do Jêje - percussions

Ícaro Sá - percussions

Instituto São José:
Maria Vitória Martins Januaria da Silva
Isadora de Jesus de Paulo
Nauane Ferreira da Silva
Ana Clara de Oliveira
Ana Clara Viana da Silva
Alexcia Mendes da Silva Batista
Lucas de Oliveira Francisco
Kayke Monteiro Viana
Alana Mendes da Silva Batista

Associação Cultural e Social Ressoar:
Isaac Ventura de Oliveira
Léo Crystian Carvalho Santana
Maria Jhulia Costa Gomes
Victor Hugo de Oliveira Firmo
Sofia Silva Medeiros
Kauã de Mesquita Vaz Nunes
Lara de Souza Dias Domingos Ferraz
Aschelley Aparecida Martins Bernardino
Gisele Cristine da Silva Oliveira
Yasmin Aparecida Martins Bernardino
Mirella Aparecida Lopes da Silva
Natan da Silva Martins
Samuel da Silva Vieira Junior
Nicolly Batista De Matos
Lais Guedes Jacinto

Production: Daniel Santiago & Michaela Bóková
Recording engineer (children’s choir): Pedro Henrique Pereira Romano
Mixing: Charis Karantzas
Mastering: Glenn Schick
Lyrics: Children of Carangola, Michaela Bóková, Leo Fraga, Jaqueline Fraga, Chris Fraga and João Maurício Moreira

Choir Recorded at Compasso Estudio Carangola, Minas Gerais, Brazil, September 2022

Instrumental parts recorded at private studios by Gary Novak (Steve Gadd), Daniel Santiago, Tal Wilkenfeld, Thiago Corrêa at Frango no Bafo Studio in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais (Jennifer Souza). Kainã Do Jêje and Ícaro Sá recorded at A Lagoa Grande Studios by Paulinho Rocha.

Video credits:
Camera by Tagé – Talles de Paula, Christian Escolarique, Eduardo Cosenza, Kevin Martins, Millena Carvalho and Bruna Jambour
Overdubs by Michaela Bóková, Skylee Jeffrey Rosenwinkel and Kurt Rosenwinkel
Translation by Wesley Rubim & Mathilde Vendramin
Text by Tomas Antonic
Editing Michaela Bóková
Audio editing Vojta Drnek


Thanks to Vojta Drnek for his generous and loving support and to Kurt Rosenwinkel for all the love and music we share at Heartcore Records. Thanks to Alice Neves, Jaque Fraga, Fátima, Julenia Lopez, and their families for making my stay in Brazil and the project a wonderful experience and for making Carangola my new home.

Thanks to the mayor and the city of Carangola, Randolpho Radsack, Carol Ananias, and everyone at Prefeitura Municipal de Carangola for the warm welcome and support.

Mara Regina Ferreira Diaz and Marcelo Martins for their inspiring work and for being such open-minded people and amazing collaborators.

Thanks to Daniel Santiago, Charis Karantzas, Glenn Schick, Steve Gadd, Tal Wilkenfeld, Shai Maestro, Jennifer Souza, Kainã Do Jêje, and Ícaro Sá for giving life to the song “Nossa Voz”. To Gary Novak, Michael Hegerty, Thiago Corrêa and Paulinho Rocha.

Thanks to Leo Fraga, Jaqueline Fraga, Chris Fraga, and João Maurício Moreira for the beautiful collaboration on the lyrics.

Thanks to everyone at Tagé – Talles de Paula, Christian Escolarique, Eduardo Cosenza, Kevin Martins, Millena Carvalho, and to Bruna Jambour for documenting our adventure and becoming great friends to me.

Thanks to all children and their parents, social workers, and chias – Jádi, Ana, Caroline, Luciana, and Bernarda.

Thanks to Sérgio and his team for opening the Compasso studio for us and Pedro Henrique Pereira Romano for sound engineering.

Thanks to my family in Czechia and my family in Berlin – Kurt Rosenwinkel, Skylee Jeffrey Rosenwinkel, Amoy Ribas, Mathilde Vendramin, Wesley Rubim, Tomas Antonic and everyone who helped me with the video editing. All sponsors and supporters – Derya Takkali, Monica Durgin, Antonio Loureiro, Ousadia Moda, MPMG Ministério Público do Estado do Minas Gerais, Fruto Fino, Posto IPÊ, SM Supermercado Marinhos and Check UP net. - Michaela

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