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Anyone Can Book a Gig

Anyone Can Book a Gig


ANYONE CAN BOOK A GIG is a self-managed online course in six complete steps. Each delivers the live touring industry’s basics to anyone considering a performing career in music. In addition to instruction, you receive the Essential Artist Toolkit with over 60 downloadable files, including contract and rider templates, tour history sheets, worksheets, videos, and much more. Our goal is to give artists the no-fluff tools and strategies they need for successfully booking shows at any stage of their careers.

If you are a musician serious about touring your music and don’t have a booking agent, consider the online course; ANYONE CAN BOOK A GIG.

Veteran booking agent Katherine McVicker of Music Works International developed this course over the last few years. With the six steps outlined and as the name says, you can go out there and get the gigs you deserve.Without an agent! The course is comprehensive and will give you a comprehensive set of tools to get your project going because, come 2022, live music is going to explode as we all come out of hibernation!

Because the curriculum is “clear, easy to grasp, and insightful,” Javon Jackson, the Director for the Hartt Schools Jackie McLean Institute of Jazz Studies, has selected ANYONE CAN BOOK A GIG as one of the modules for his students.

“Working with Katherine McVicker has shown me how to expand my horizons and vision. I’ve known Katherine for more than 21 years. She has a brilliant way of seeing the other side of music today with big and bold ideas.”RICHARD BONA, Grammy Award-winning artist

“Katherine McVicker is a remarkable human being and an endless resource for managers, artists, or any individual who is interested in strategically booking shows. The course she has built is an immeasurable gift to the music industry.” THOMAS DUPORT, Vice-President Strategy/Quincy Jones Productions


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