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Lucia Cadotsch



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Prominent bandleader in contemporary jazz vocalist and composer Lucia Cadotsch presents her new quartet with pianist/organist Kit Downes, bassist Phil Donkin, and drummer James Maddren. Building on the success of her previous work, she is releasing her 10th album, AKI, with guest performances by legendary Kurt Rosenwinkel on guitar.


1. I Won't
2. Bitter Long Lying Leisure (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
3. Brother II
4. Secedas
5. No Apology
6. Medusa's Champagne (feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel)
7. Ballad of the Drowned Girl
8. O One
9. Lily of the Nile
10. Naked and Numb


Lucia Cadotsch – voice
Kit Downes – piano, organ
Phil Donkin – bass
James Maddren – drums
feat. Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar (3, 5)
all songs performed by Lucia Cadotsch, Kit Downes, Phil Donkin, James Maddren
guitar on Bitter Long Lying Leisure and Medusa’s Champagne by Kurt Rosenwinkel

recorded 2022 at Hansa Studios Berlin by Nanni Johansson assisted by Frida Claeson Johansson and Alva Johansson
guitar recorded at Heartcore Studios by Kurt Rosenwinkel
additional theremin recordings on Secedas by Charis Karantzas
mixed and mastered by Charis Karantzas
photo by Juliane Schütz
artwork by Vojta Drnek, Michaela Bóková & Lucia Cadotsch
graphic design by Vojta Drnek
production coordinator Michaela Bóková
special thanks to Kurt, Kit, James, Phil, Charis, Zino, Nanni, Michaela, Vojta, Dexter, Frida, Juliane, Andreas, Jolanda and Wanja
released on Heartcore Records, Berlin 2023

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