Kurt’s Take On … I Remember You

Kurt’s Take On … I Remember You

Kurt’s Take On … is a brand-new series of lectures by Kurt Rosenwinkel. In this series, Kurt will be taking a closer look at standards, showing his perspective, and sharing some tips on how you can develop a relationship with the standards we all play and love. In the first 45-minute long video, Kurt will demonstrate his musical approach by creating a unique, reharmonized arrangement of I Remember You (Victor Schertzinger, Johny Mercer) that you can use in a band or as an inspiration for your own version of this beautiful composition.


The whole reharmonization process is transcribed in the video in both standard notation and tabs. You will be also provided with a full transcription of the final solo guitar version and a backing track you can play along with.


After the purchase, you will access a PDF guide with hyperlinks to download the video and all supplementary material.


Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, arrangement and recording


Vojta Drnek – video editing, graphic design, transcriptions

Michaela Bóková – production management

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