Kurt Rosenwinkel: Ultimate Book of Compositions - Now Available for Pre-order

Kurt Rosenwinkel: Ultimate Book of Compositions - Now Available for Pre-order

Heartcore Records presents a new product unparalleled in the jazz world!

8 years in the making, over 1500 pages, more than 150 compositions - Kurt Rosenwinkel’s record label Heartcore Records announces the pre-sale of a physical and digital book of all of Rosenwinkel’s compositions.

Kurt Rosenwinkel: Ultimate Book of Compositions is the definitive songbook encompassing the entire compositional journey of the legendary jazz guitarist and composer. The 580-page physical book follows Kurt chronologically with scores  for all of his recorded music proofread by the composer himself. Additionally, the physical book is enriched by the author’s comments about each composition and album, supported by archival photography and original manuscripts.

Together with a digital-only volume  of charts for Rosenwinkel’s unreleased songs, the product contains over 150 compositions on more than 1500 pages of digital scores and parts in traditional notation and TABs. It is also a first-of-its-kind, offering editable Sibelius and XML files to allow musicians to easily create their own arrangements.

"When I was at Berklee college of music, my saxophonist friend Bruce and I would open a Real Book  and play through each song, one by one –playing through multitudes of songs in one sitting. it was pure joy and some of my most treasured memories. That connection and exploration of melodies and rhythms synced our minds through sound. Now, I feel so blessed that I can bring that same experience to my fans with my music.”  – Kurt Rosenwinkel

Kurt Rosenwinkel’s harmonically rich, rhythmically free, and incomparably fluid style has made him one of the most important jazz musicians to emerge in the last thirty years. His groundbreaking sonic conception of the guitar has changed the way the instrument has been perceived and played ever since. His recordings as a bandleader in the early aughts on Verve Records were strikingly original and reshaped contemporary jazz in the 21st century. The Enemies of Energy (2000), The Next Step (2001), Heartcore (2003), and Deep Song (2005), would redefine the sound of jazz for a new era, deftly fusing jazz’s deep acoustic traditions with utterly modern harmonic and compositional structures. 

He continued his journey with albums like The Remedy (2008), Star of Jupiter (2012), or Undercover (2023). A whole new chapter of Rosenwinkel’s career is Caipi (2017), a Brazilian-influenced album with Rosenwinkel taking on most of the instrumental and vocal duties. Rosenwinkel’s recent efforts find him reimagining his own solo practice through intimate solo works Kurt Rosenwinkel Plays Piano (2021) and Berlin Baritone (2022). Through it all, Rosenwinkel’s output has always retained his unique voice, and each release is a constellation in his singular musical universe, always expanding outwards to reach for the next beautiful sound.

Kurt Rosenwinkel: Ultimate Book of Compositions is an indispensable educational resource for musicians all across the world and is the definitive book for anyone looking to expand their musical horizons.

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