Heartcore for Ukraine

Heartcore for Ukraine

Heartcore Records has announced “Heartcore for Ukraine”, the third installment in its “Heartcore for the World” outreach initiative. Building upon the highly successful Heartcore For Africa and Heartcore For India projects, Heartcore for Ukraine is designed to benefit Family House Zhiva Perla orphanage in Bortnyky, Ukraine with access to music instruction, instruments, and group performance activities.

On March 20th, 2020 Heartcore Records published “Spivanka”, the result of a one-time collaboration between Louis Cole (Knower), Michael League (Snarky Puppy), guitarists Pedro Martins and Daniel Santiago, Markus Ehrlich on clarinet, vocalist/composer Ganna Gryniva, producer Charis Karantzas and the children of Family House Zhiva Perla in Bortnyky. All proceeds from digital sales of “Spivanka” will fund the purchase of musical equipment and educational materials for the thirty boys currently living at the orphanage.

Heartcore representative Michaela Bóková spent a month in Ukraine conducting the rehearsal, recording, and production of the song, “While we assembled and rehearsed the boys choir from Zhiva Perla, we also met four young girls with beautiful voices at the “Foundation Children in Need “ in Lopatyne. We then brought the girls from Lopatyne and the boys from Bortnyky to the city of Lviv where we got a big help from Jenny Records, a professional recording studio who provided us their services.”

Heartcore Records seeks partnerships around the globe as it creates “Heartcore for the World”, a ten song compilation album featuring music from each Heartcore Records charity project. Representatives of Heartcore Records believe that music has an unlimited potential to connect, heal, and uplift the hearts of people all over the world, and are committed to fulfill this goal through their continued efforts.


For more information please contact:
Michaela Bóková
Heartcore Records Manager/Author of the Project

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