Heartcore for India Is Coming Soon

Heartcore for India Is Coming Soon

Following the success of Heartcore for Africa, we are excited to bring you Heartcore for India, the second charitable project from Kurt Rosenwinkel’s independent label Heartcore Records. This outreach initiative is designed to benefit underprivileged children in Mumbai, India by providing access to music education, instruments, and group performance activities.


On March 15th, 2018 Heartcore Records website shop will publish a song “Gamaya”, the result of a one-time collaboration between Kurt Rosenwinkel, Becca Stevens, Aashish Khan Indian vocalist Chandana Bala Kalyan and the children of Sai Baba Path Public School. All proceeds from digital sales will fund the purchase of musical equipment and educational materials through our partnership with the Educo India, organization educating over 800 children in Mumbai.


Heartcore representative Michaela Bóková spent a month in Mumbai undertaking the rehearsal, recording, and production of the song, “The song is made from the melody brought to us by Chandana Bala Kalyan. It’s a traditional Indian mantra in Sanskrit with a really deep meaning. It calls for understanding our substance, going back into the core of our self, and spreading light and positive energy.”


“Gamaya” was recorded in a studio at the True School of Music Mumbai, who provided resources and the uplifting support of its students and teachers, without which this project would have been impossible.


Heartcore Records will continue to seek out similar partnerships around the globe to create the whole album “Heartcore for the World” consisting of ten charitable projects of this kind.

Representatives of Heartcore Records believe that music has an unlimited potential to connect, heal, and uplift the hearts of people all over the world, and are commited to fulfill this goal through their continued efforts.

(Official Press Release)

(Picture by Ondřej Baštinec)

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