Heartcore for Czechia – Naše Sny

Heartcore for Czechia – Naše Sny

Heartcore Records continues charity campaign, helps fund music education for children in a Czech orphanage with new single featuring high-profile musical guest performers.

Independent music label Heartcore Records has announced “Heartcore for Czechia”, the fifth installment in its “Heartcore for the World” outreach initiative. Building upon the highly successful “Heartcore for Africa”, “Heartcore for India”, “Heartcore for Ukraine”, and “Heartcore for Home” projects, “Heartcore for Czechia” is designed to benefit children currently housed in Children’s Home Strážnice by providing access to music instruction, instruments, and group performance activities. “Heartcore for Czechia” is the brainchild of Heartcore Records label manager Michaela Bóková, who organized, instructed, and performed music with the children of this home over the course of a one-month intensive workshop.

On May 6, 2022, Heartcore Records releases “Naše Sny (Our Dreams)”, a song inspired by Czech folk melodies brought to us by the musician and ethnomusicologist Marian Freidl. The song was produced by Michaela Bóková in collaboration with drummer Antonio Sanchez, pianist Larry Goldings, guitarists Lionel Loueke, Brad Shepik and Pedro Martins, the bass player Linley Marthe, the children of Strážnice Children’s Home, Damian and Karel Janeček and Mari Zamkova on vocals. 

The vocal melodies of “Naše Sny (Our Dreams)” are influenced by traditional folk songs whose origins can be traced through Czechia, Poland, and the Beskid mountains. These songs tell stories about the travels of blackbirds and sheeps through the region, mirroring the budding journeys of children as they grow and find their place in the world. The lyrics of “Naše Sny (Our Dreams)” opens with the figure of a swallow that stretches its wings and flies “into the wide world” to explore but “does not get lost” and returns home. The pastoral beauty of these stories and melodies take on new life when they are sung by the children of Strážnice Children’s Home, who take vocal solos, pronouncing youthful desires to become doctors, pastry chefs, and musicians, each earnestly hoping to share their gifts and talents with the world, and help in their own way to make it a better place. 

Damian and Karel Janeček and Mari Zamkova, young musicians from IQ Roma Servis, an organization that supports young people and Roma families integrate with local society, appear on vocals throughout the song. Their vocals as well as the vocals of the children were recorded in a studio at Amaro Records in Brno, a recording studio that provides cultural programming and education for Romani people.

All proceeds from digital sales will fund the purchase of musical equipment and educational materials through our partnership with Strážnice Children’s Home. 

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