Elew plays Rosenwinkel – CUBISM

Elew plays Rosenwinkel – CUBISM

Berlin-based independent music label Heartcore Records have a new addition to its diverse and multifaceted catalogue of recordings; “ELEW Plays Rosenwinkel – CUBISM”, a collaboration between the genre-melding pianist ELEW and modern jazz legend Kurt Rosenwinkel. “Cubism” is a compositional retrospective and daring leap into uncharted musical waters from two luminary artists.

“Wholly unexpected, deeply personal” said Nate Chinen, former critic for The NY- Times, director of editorial at WBGO, NPR Music contributor and author of “Cubism” liner notes.

Eric Lewis began his career as a jazz purist, playing as a sideman for legends like Wynton Marsalis, Cassandra Wilson, Elvin Jones, Jon Hendricks and Roy Hargrove as well as a member of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. As his jazz career and artistry progressed, Lewis became equally interested in the visceral power of rock music. In a creative sea change, he adopted the moniker “ELEW” and began exploring uncharted musical territory, assimilating anthemic rock and roll song structures with his deep knowledge of jazz and classical music traditions.

The conceptual influence of Kurt Rosenwinkel’s music can be readily observed on a global scale. Whether in concert halls, basement jazz club wee hours jam sessions, conservatory practice rooms or radio station airwaves, Rosenwinkel’s distinctive voice as a composer and guitarist has had an undeniable impact on music in the 21st century. With this premise ELEW began to explore the possibility of an all-Rosenwinkel solo piano record, both as a personal artistic challenge and a radical stylistic departure from his “Rockjazz” trademark. The finished product is a collection of eleven songs rendered masterfully by the renowned pianist and an eclectic mix of Rosenwinkel’s most challenging and provocative compositions.

“ELEW has brought my music into realms I could only dream of and will dream of again and again. It’s a feeling of gratitude and marvel,” said Kurt Rosenwinkel.

“Cubism” will be available as a physical CD and digitally on music streaming platforms July 19th, 2019. ELEW will showcase the album on August 4th, 2019 at Newport Jazz Festival.

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