About Expectations – review by Marek Heczko

About Expectations – review by Marek Heczko

Lying in the sun and watching sky’s shaping clouds while listening to the album’s great one, Kind of Love, forms just a perfect setting. Californian indie-synth-pop group Montë Mar are characterised by mellow sound, charismatic vocals, rich guitars and energetic drums, having these all wrapped in a brand-new package called Expectations. The most memorable element of Expectations is perhaps the sound whose uniqueness up to a great degree thanks numerous synth layers and saucy composition. The outrageous feel is supported by thought provoking lyrics, innovative composition and occasional hints reminding us of sinful California soothed with surf-pop elements and mellow harmonies. No need to mention the guys‘ musicianship and their song-writing skills which are well represented by another great song called When It’s Right. Hard to find a comparable album,Expectations feels very original, fresh and energetic. Montë Mar’s first ten-piece album comes up as positive sounding, vibrant, charismatic, easy to listen and genuinely developed fresh indie-pop. Me like it.

Marek Heczko – Music Enthusiast

Montë Mar – Expectations
Released April 6th 2018


Band members: Brian Green(Lead Vocals, Guitar), Kyle Crane(Drums), Dylan Durboraw(Bass), Bill Zimmerman(Keyboards, Piano)
All songs written by Brian Green with the exception of Start Again which was written by Kyle Crane
All songs produced by Montë Mar
Mixed by Will Hampton
Mastered by Reuben Cohen



When It’s Right
Kind of Love
I Forget
What’s Left
Tricks and Poses
Start Again
Perfect Mess

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