Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Masterclasses available on Heartcore Records


Kurt Rosenwinkel is known for his genius in composition, improvisation, jazz interpretation and for his amazing virtuosity and the highest level of technique in playing guitar, piano and other instruments. In 2020, Kurt began hosting live masterclasses for music enthusiasts, students, and anyone who is interested in music in its deepest sense. These masterclasses are now available as videos on Heartcore Records and include many unique handwritten and recorded materials.

Masterclass II: Strategies for Composition is a three hour presentation by Kurt of his compositional philosophies, techniques, and specific lessons drawn from a wide sampling of his compositions, including a 40 page handwritten booklet written by the composer plus professional charts of his songs having been discussed in detail.

In Masterclass vol. III: Guitar Technique and Improvisation, you can join Kurt on a 3 hour deep dive into the guitar, which will cover everything from learning the neck, mastering scales, warming up, right hand and left hand technique, legato playing, creating lines, chromaticism, playing changes, learning tunes, developing your own sound, pedals, amps and gear, recording techniques, voicings, playing in various contexts and more. This class is based on the first half of Kurt’s unreleased method book, 120 handwritten pages of which are included in the downloads folder, along with some play along drum grooves made by Kurt for your enjoyment.


Feedback from the participants of the masterclass:
“It was a BLAST!”
“Still soaking it in as I will be for many years. I am sure! Thank you for sharing this and for beauty you bring to the world!”
“Deep stuff. Many thanks Kurt & Sky.”
“Philosophies are just as inspiring as your music. There is so much to reflect on and research further. I was left in awe.”
“Fantastic transmission of knowledge and passion. Thank you!”
“Thank you Kurt! Incredible experience!”
“Thank YOU!! Both classes have been life changing”
“Fantastic transmission of knowledge and passion. Thank you!”
“Still soaking it in as I will be for many years. I am sure.”
(Source: Instagram)