LOS ANGELES (March 19, 2018) — Montë Mar, an alternative pop group based out of Los Angeles, Calif., will soon release their debut full-length album Expectations on April 6, on Kurt Rosenwinkel’s new label Heartcore Records.

Montë Mar’s debut offers a uniquely uplifting, vibrant spirit that can best be described as Californian. The group’s sound is a melting-pot of sonic experiences complete with shimmering synth chords, dreamy guitar lines and lush melodic vocals. It is no surprise that Montë Mar’s influences stem from a wide and colorful palette ranging from The Beach Boys to The Smiths.

Led by frontman Brian Green (Vocals, Guitar), Montë Mar is Green, Kyle Crane (Drums), Dylan Durboraw (Bass) and Bill Zimmerman (Keyboards, Vocals).

“We’ve put so much care and attention into Expectations, pushing ourselves throughout the recording to make something authentically us,” said frontman Brian Green. “As a band, we talk about the details of our favorite records all of the time and we obsessed over every sound, drum groove and lyric of this music.”

Expectations is available worldwide on April 6 on Heartcore Records’ online shop.

“We are thrilled to have Expectations released on Heartcore Records. We have been fans of Kurt’s music for years and his commitment to artistry and creativity comes across in his vision for Heartcore,” added Green.

Expectations follows Montë Mar’s debut EP Different Place, released independently by the group in 2012.

For more information please contact michaela@heartcore-records.com