Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Caipi is coming soon

The most influential and strikingly original guitarist-composer of his generation makes a radical leap in his musical direction on Caipi, the debut release on his new Heartcore records label collaborating with Raz Daz recordz – label owned by famous bass player Avishai Cohen. This long expected album will be released on 10th Ferbruary 2017.

Ten years in the making, this ambitious project features Rosenwinkel playing all the instruments (drums, bass, piano, synthesizers, percussion) and showcases him prominently on vocals on tunes like the hard rocking “Hold On,” the ethereal “Summer Song” and the slow ballad “Ezra,” named for his son. The lilting “Little B” is named for his other son Silas, who was nicknamed Little Bear as a toddler.

Amanda Brecker (daughter of Eliane Elias and Randy Brecker) provides lead vocals and Portuguese lyrics on “Kama” and contributes layered backing vocals throughout Caipi. Special guest Eric Clapton offers a subtle touch of signature string-bending on the upbeat pop number “Little Dream.” And Rosenwinkel’s former musical partner Mark Turner delivers potent tenor sax performances on “Ezra” and “Casio Escher.” “I had to bring Mark in because that’s such a close and deep relationship that we have,” said the guitarist-producer. “It was very important to me to have that friendship and collaboration represented on the album.”

Regarding his new role as a frontman singing his own thoughtful, metaphysical lyrics, Rosenwinkel says, “Writing songs with lyrics has been very much a part of my upbringing. I used to do that a lot. With Caipi, the music asked for that, and so you gotta step up to the plate to do what the music asks you to do. Every once in a while there’s a song that comes through that is a lyric song, so this album just kind of shaped up to be that way. And yeah, it’s definitely something different from my other albums, but for me it was just a matter of doing what the music needed.”