Lucia Cadotsch & Wanja Slavin

Lucia Cadotsch, born in Zurich, Switzerland, is a singer and songwriter based in Berlin. She is best known for her bands Speak Low, LIUN + The Science Fiction Band and AKI. In 2012, she received the New German Jazz Award with her band Schneeweiss + Rosenrot. In 2017, she received the ECHO Jazz award for Singer of the Year for her album Speak Low.In 2021, Cadotsch was awarded the German Jazz Award in the category VOKAL.

Cadotsch’s chamber trio Speak Low, with Petter Eldh (Upright Bass) and Otis Sandsjö (Tenor Saxophone), released their debut album in 2017. It is a heady collision of jazz standards and folk songs reframed by the freedom and audacity of modern remix culture, which has been described as “acoustic retro-futurism”. The Guardian and DownBeat Magazine gave their debut self-titled record their maximum ratings, and the latter included it in their Best Albums of the Year list. Their debut was followed up by Speak Low Renditions, a collection of genre-bending remixes of songs on their debut, as well as new collaborative songs which feature some of the most unique musical voices in the European music scene. In 2020, Kit Downes (Hammond Organ) and Lucy Railton (Cello) joined the project as featured guests and the group released Speak Low II.

Building on their work together in Speak Low, Kit and Lucia now formed the new quartet AKI with James Maddren on drums and Phil Donkin on bass. Lucia’s diverse output as a musician can be heard on a total of nine albums she has released since 2009.

Wanja Slavin is a German saxophonist, composer, and producer born in Freiburg, Breisgau. His kinetic, rhythmic phrases, and adventurous melodicism on the saxophone gained him international recognition in his first band Hipnosis which released their debut album in 2003, and prompted one reviewer early in his career to call him the “future of German Jazz” (Munich Tz). 

Slavin is a prolific musician, appearing in Wanja Slavin Lotus Eaters, Other Animal, Rowk Music, Limbo, and collaborating with artists as diverse as Kenny Wheeler, Joachim Kühn, Franz Ferdinand and The Notwist, and producing albums for the actress and singer Anna Maria Sturm and an album for the singer and composer Mirna Bogdanovic, which was awarded the German Jazz Prize 2021. 

In 2014 Slavin was awarded the ECHO Jazz Award as Saxophone/Woodwind Instrumentalist of the Year for the album Slavin-Eldh-Lillinger. In 2020 he was awarded the New German jazz Award for his work with Slavin-Henkelhausen-Merk. In 2021 he was nominated as a saxophonist for the German Jazz Award and won first place at the BMW Welt Jazz Award with the Peter Gall Quintet.

LIUN  + The Science Fiction Band is a collaborative project between Lucia Cadotsch and Wanja Slavin. Their obsessive exploration of the interplay between musical genres seamlessly merges analog and the digital compositional methods. Slavin’s complex, multilayered arrangements of dark, forceful beats and fragile melodic contours contrast with Cadotsch’s frank, translucent voice, and makes this project a stunningly layered, orchestral and self-reflexive sonic universe whose debut album Time Rewind Kurt Rosenwinkel called “an instant classic.” In a live setting, they can be spotted as a quintet, and a large ensemble. In 2020 the band collaborated with the EOS Chamber Orchestra, and together they played scaled up arrangements of the LIUN material. Their sophomore record, titled the Lily of the Nile, will be released in the fall of this year on Heartcore records.