Lucia Cadotsch

Lucia Cadotsch, born in Zurich, Switzerland, is a singer and songwriter based in Berlin. She is one of the most recognized vocalists in the European contemporary jazz scene and is best known for long-standing collaborative bands Speak Low, LIUN + The Science Fiction Band and AKI.

Her pure timbre and luxurious phrasing imbues every lyric with warmth and emotional clarity. It is the connective thread between her ever-shifting musical collaborations, which flit effortlessly between all her auteur projects.

Cadotsch’s collaborative spirit finds her working with many different musicians, including her chamber trio Speak Low with Petter Eldh on upright bass and Otis Sandsjö on tenor saxophone, AKI, a quartet with Kit Downes on organ and piano, Phil Donkin on bass, and James Maddren on drums, and LIUN + The Science Fiction Band with saxophonist and producer Wanja Slavin.

Lucia’s diverse output as a musician can be heard on a total of ten albums she has released since 2009. Over the years, Lucia Cadotsch has received several awards for her vocal prowess. In 2021, she was awarded the German Jazz Award in the category VOKAL. In 2017, she received the ECHO Jazz Award for Singer of the Year for her album Speak Low. In 2012, she received the New German Jazz Award with her band Schneeweiss + Rosenrot.